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I'm May Fukuyama-Levine, a self taught artist now based in Hoboken, New Jersey.

What's Chobimade and what does it mean? 

Chobimade is a word I made up from my nickname Chobimay! "Chobi" means "lil" in Japanese, so my nickname means Lil' May. Since this is art made by me, I decided to name it Chobi-made. Chobimade!

I'm originally from Houston, Texas but my family moved to Japan when I was 14. I always thought I would move back to the US right after high school or college, but I ended up staying a LOT longer! I met my husband while he was traveling for work in Tokyo a few years ago and now I'm here :)

I've always had the passion to be creative and it definitely runs in my family. My paternal grandfather was a well known artist in Japan and Taiwan, and my maternal grandfather would also paint every now and then. My mother is a potter since before I was born and I grew up always using her handmade plates and bowls.

I never really fit into the corporate working environment and freelanced most of my life. I've always loved making things in my free time-- jewelry, dreamcatchers, cooking... (My food instagram is @chobimaycooking)

I picked up painting more seriously recently and it's been a fun adventure since!

I get a lot of inspiration from the sky, the universe, the ocean, flowers, nature... pretty much everywhere!

I'm finally living out my dream of being a full-time artist and I hope to add a little color to your homes and hearts. x

Thanks so much for stopping by!